Empowering you to discover the life you were born to live


DO YOU …..

  • want to co-create and navigate your own life map?
  • wonder about yourself or wonder who you really are?
  • seek to unravel challenges, find purpose and reveal meaning in your life?
  • long to develop your personality to its greatest potential?
  • need a guide on life’s journey – one that illuminates opportunities as well as pitfalls?


  • help you discover the answers to your questions
  • interpret the meaning of planetary energy to enhance your awareness


  • insight into your potentials, as well as your strengths and weaknesses
  • improved awareness of your purpose, meaning and available choices
  • illumination of your unique life journey
  • tools for implementing self-development

About Hettie Malan

My formal study of astrology started in 2003 when I enrolled with the Faculty of Astrological Studies.  Attending astrology Summer Schools in the UK where I studied with international astrologers and interacted with fellow astrology students from all over the world formed part of my studies. Years of dedication and commitment paid off and I obtained my Diploma in 2011.

I am a member of The Association of Professional Astrologers International as well as the Astrological Association.

Until the end of 2016 my astrology practice was based in Somerset West, South Africa from where I offered face-to-face consultations as well as national and international Skype sessions. I also did presentations to groups and ran a series of workshops.

I’ve recently relocated from South Africa to New Zealand. My astrology practice is currently based in Nelson.

For more information on what I offer in terms of astrology please contact me.

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What I Offer

Natal Chart Interpretation
Including an analysis of challenges and potentials, as well as highlighting current and future trends.  More specific and focussed work can also be done in a particular chosen area of interest.
Trends Interpretation
Interpretation of present and future trends with the focus on the current year and the year ahead.
Chart comparison
Exploration of various themes, potentials and difficulties in terms of relationships (personal, family or business) as revealed through comparing respective Natal Charts.  The consent of all parties involved is required.
The fee, as well as the duration of the consultation, depends on which of the above is applicable.
You will be provided with a drawn astrology chart and a MP 3 recording of the consultation.