About Astrology

..... can be defined as a study of the relationship which appears to exist between events and experiences on earth and the configurations of the heavenly bodies.  Each moment in time has its own unique quality and energy - embedded also in the patterns of the sky.

Astrology is the interpretation of the information that these patterns contain.  Rather than a belief system, Astrology is an observation and an experience - an observation that began when the ancients watched the skies and marked the phases of the moon.

Our modern astrological system is derived from Mesopotamian and the later classical cultures of Greece and Rome and has developed from an omen-culture in Babylonian times to become a blend of astronomy, mathematics, science, religion and philosophy.

A Natal Chart is a diagram showing the position of the planets and heavenly bodies at a given moment in time.  This may be the time of a personal birth; the time a relationship starts; the time a business comes into being...

The purpose of an astrological interpretation is to examine the heavenly patterns and representations contained in the chart and explore the quality and meaning of these patterns and their significance in terms of the possible earthly manifestation thereof.